LIVE UPDATE: Unmissable £349 MILLION lottery draw set for Wednesday



Brit’s now have the opportunity to hit the big time by getting involved in one of the world’s largest lotteries and the UK’s biggest jackpot. There’s £349 MILLION up for grabs in this Wednesday’s US Powerball and it could all go into British hands.

Until recently Brit’s weren’t able to get involved in the US Powerball, however, World Lottery Club, which is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, felt that Brits should get the chance and has now launched the lottery on their website.

Since launching the US Powerball there have already been two big US Powerball winners through World Lottery Club here in the UK. In 2016 The Mirror reported that a man from Bolton scooped a huge £800,000 and only last month, Nicholas Burns from Scotland won a cool £35,450.00. Some are predicting a UK multi-million winner this year. Could it be you?

Winning such a large amount of cash would mean you could practically do anything.

But what could you actually buy with £349 million?

  • The top-of-the-range Gulfstream G650 private jet would only set you back £51 million
  • A 24-bedroom – 50000 sq ft Hampshire mansion for a ‘cool’ £50 million
  • Or how about entering an auction for a painting by Picasso valued at £35 million

That’s only £136 million in total! You would still have over £213 million left in the bank, which would earn £12 million a year on interest alone!

This is clearly not a draw to miss out on

To take a chance at winning Wednesday’s whopping £349 million, Insiderlifestyles has teamed up with

World Lottery Club is offering new players a chance to double their luck with a free Powerball bet when they purchase their first one for £2.00.

Buy one, get one free on the US Powerball by clicking here.

US Powerball Buy 1 Get 1 Free

World Lottery Club is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for UK customers and has more than 200,000 players, T&C’s apply 18+.