This incredible jackpot is more than 5 times bigger than the EuroMillions, and it could be yours tonight!



They say everything is bigger in the USA, including their prizes with a £401 MILLION US MegaMillions super jackpot up for grabs tonight. With the Euromillions top prize around £71 million, the MegaMillions is over 5 times bigger than its European equivalent.

And there’s even more exciting news!

Until recently we could only buy MegaMillions when visiting the States. But now, that has all changed.

Lottery-betting website World Lottery Club has opened up the opportunity for UK residents to get involved. Players can place a bet on the outcome of the game with a special super jackpot to be won which is BIGGER than the regular jackpot on offer in the US.

If you won, you would rank at number 298 on the UK’s official rich list plus you’d be the biggest British lottery jackpot winner EVER.

With this kind of money you could:

  • Buy a Mayback Exelero car, famously owned by Jay-Z for £6 million
  • Invest in your very own 200 acre private island with spectacular seaside villas in the Bahamans for just £50 million
  • Or make a big difference to the lives of your 100 closest family and friends by giving them £1 million each

You’d still have millions left over to enjoy the rest of your life in luxury.

With a jackpot like this, it’s certainly not one to miss out on.

To celebrate tonight’s whopping £401 million super jackpot, Insiderlifestyles has teamed up with World Lottery Club.

They’re offering new players a chance to double their luck with a free US MegaMillions bet when they purchase their first one for £2.50.

Buy one bet, get one free on the US MegaMillions super jackpot by clicking here

US MegaMillions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

US MegaMillions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

World Lottery Club is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for UK customers and has more than 500,000 players, T&C’s apply 18+. Gamble Responsibly.